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We're on a mission to make government services work for everyone. As part of our team, you'll do meaningful work and collaborate with some of the most innovative minds in government today.

The U.S. federal government is the world's largest service provider and has the potential to impact billions of people around the world.

Like every service provider, government must compete for people's time and attention and make it easy for people to work with them.

By reframing government around the people it's designed to serve, government services can build trust, promote equity and inclusivity, and be accessible to everyone.

Prioritizing user needs focuses government's attention on what matters most to people, leading to more efficient use of resources and the ability to keep pace with the private sector.

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Open Positions

Discover the exciting career opportunities at Technical Assent. If you're passoniate about transforming government services to work better for the people, we'd love to meet you. Don't hesitiate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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Above all else, we value people. Technical Assent invests in the well-being of our employees through benefits that prioritize health, financial security, and professional growth.

Flexible Time Off

We trust you'll work hard on behalf of our clients and we trust you know what you need to relax, unwind, and recharge. We offer flexible paid time off for vacation, recovery from being sick, or to attend to personal matters.

Healthcare Coverage

To help you offset the the cost of healthcare, we offer competitive healthcare options for you and your family, including nationwide medical, dental, and vision plans.

Tailored Healthcare Options

Maintaining your well-being is a priority so we offer health care flexible spending accounts so you can customize your care plan to fit your unique needs. We also offer an employee assistance program.

401(k) with Company Contributions

We invest in your long-term financial stability by making monthly contributions to your 401(k) retirement plan. You have full control over a portfolio of funds that align with your financial goals.

Training and Wellness Allowances

We're always trying to better ourselves, so we offer a stipend for you to pursue your professional development goals beyond our company-provided training. We also give full-time employees a monthly wellness allowance to support their preferred health, fitness, and wellness activities.

Disability and Life Insurance

If you’re injured, we offer short- and long-term disability insurance, so you can focus on your recovery. We also offer basic life insurance so you and your loved ones are covered in case of unexpected health issues.

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Technical Assent is thriving community of mission-focused professionals. You'll have an essential voice in shaping our capabilities and culture. You will help grow the business and you will grow from the experience too.

We Thrive Among Innovators

We are a team of creative individuals who understand what it takes to make a long-term impact in government. Here, you'll collaborate with fellow trailblazers and change-makers.

We Pursue Growth Opportunities

Advance your career through internal and commercial training programs. You'll have the opportunity to develop new skills and apply your expertise on real-world challenges.

We Fall in Love with Problems

We value critical thinking and strategic problem-solving so we give you the space to explore the problem, identify the root cause, and collaborate on the optimal solution.

We Experience Genuine Connection

Services are inherently about interactions among people and this demands empathy, compassion, and trust. We look for these attributes in our teammates.


Learn more about Technical Assent with this helpful list of frequently asked questions.

What is the vision and mission of Technical Assent?

Our vision for Technical Assent starts with the idea of the federal government being a force for good. So we’re working to build a world where the U.S. Government sets the standards of service excellence; where everyone experiencing those services feels heard and respected; where people believe in the integrity and efficacy of government services; and where individuals are placed at the center of services as they’re being designed. Our vision is about more than elevating the end-customer's experience; it’s about building trust between government and the people it serves.

At Technical Assent, we’re passionate about government that serves the needs of people. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our U.S. Government clients—the world’s largest service provider—to place end-customer needs at the center of everything we do. This enables government to deliver services that positively impact the lives of people, and to steward the resources with which they’ve been entrusted.

Can you describe the company culture at Technical Assent?

Technical Assent is a client-driven company, meaning we always put our clients' objectives first. To create an atmosphere that produces results for our clients, our culture encourages speaking up and taking action, offers autonomous work environments and flexible work schedules, and provides opportunities to connect and grow within the company.

How does Technical Assent support the professional development of its employees?

Technical Assent seeks colleagues with a growth mindset.  We support that through a robust training and development program that encourages employees to learn new skills, pursue training opportunities, and grow to the next level. In addition to company-sponsored training and our internal peer-2-peer learning series, we offer an annual professional development stipend to full time employees that is in effect on your first day of work.

What does a typical week look like for someone at Technical Assent?

In a typical week, most Technical Assent employees will spend most of their time delivering on consulting engagements for our clients. You'll also contribute throughout the week to capability building, professional development, and business growth. These "elevation hours" help you level up as a professional and mature the firm.

How does Technical Assent measure it's success?

Technical Assent pursues meaningful work and measure success through it's impact. We point to examples of improved Veterans trust with VA, farmers gaining easier access to federal aid programs, and soldiers being confidently equipped to do their mission. When we're able to move our clients closer to their mission goals and delivered an exceptional customer experience, we are confident that we've earned their trust.

What is the process for the job application and interview at Technical Assent?

Once you submit your application, it first gets reviewed by a Talent Manager (a real person!).  As we find matches between the position description and your experience, we'll schedule three progressive interviews. The first will be a short phone call with our Talent team to set expectations and help you prepare. Then we'll move to an interview focused on your technical skills and expertise, followed by an interview focused on your mindset and how you might enhance our culture. We may also ask you to complete a brief case-study assignment between one of the interviews.

How does Technical Assent support work-life balance for its employees?

We are focused on producing results for our clients, and offer maximal flexibility in where, how, and when we get this work done. We hire professionals and treat them like adults. This mutual expectation works best when you coordinate internally with your project team to make sure the work gets done and is equitably balanced.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working at Technical Assent according to current employees?

We have the incredible privilege of doing meaningful work that impacts millions of people.  Employees frequently cite how, as a mission-driven company, we are empowered to make a difference in improving the experiences of government customers and employees, contributing to fulfillment in our work.

How does Technical Assent foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity?

As service designers, bringing diverse perspectives to complex client challenges is a superpower. Our work environment thrives when we create space for different ideas to come together and grow into something better. Technical Assent invests in cultivating authentic individual connections and the broader community, enabling us to show up as our whole selves – at work and beyond.

We hope you'll join us

When you join Technical Assent, you're making a choice to pursue fulfilling and impactful work on behalf of the millions of people who use government services. You'll have the opportunity to work on challenging projects with similarly motivated and like-minded professionals.

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What kind of change will you make?

Take the first step toward contributing to the future of government. Get in touch with our talent management team to learn more about our current and future openings.

General Inquiries

For general questions or comments about our work at Technical Assent, get in touch with us. We're always open to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.


Interested in joining the Technical Assent team? For inquiries about starting a career with us—including current openings and applications—please connect with our talent management team.


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